What are you basing your eternity on? Hearsay?

I’ve read this book many times. But I’ve never read it completely in a structured format. Last year I stared reading a version of that book that was structured to be completed in a year. January 6th of this year I finished reading it cover to cover. After I finished reading this book for the first time. Here is what I realized.

He completed everything and shook the world @ 33. I only started reading about him with a passion, wanting to know more about him for the first time; when I was 33, and finally completed reading the world’s best-selling book of all time for the first time in my life!!!

This 5 letter book is so unique:
1) It has 66 separate books
2) written over a period of 1500 years (from 1400 BC to AD 100) with over 40 generations
3) by at least 40 different & distinct authors
4) with different education, personality and intellectual perception
5) who came from all walks of life.
6) They include kings, fishermen, scribes to shepherds, peasants, poets, philosophers, statesmen, scholars, a doctor, and a tax collector
7) from 3 different continents Asia, Africa and Europe
8) with texts penned in 3 different languages Hebrew, Aramaic & Greek.
9) They also wrote under a number of different times – including war, peace
10) and a number of different places – including wilderness, dungeon, palaces
11) in a number of different moods – heights of joy, depths of despair
12) and in a number of different circumstances – including persecution and prison.
13) Its written in a number of different literary forms such as narrative, poetry and law
14) they cover many different topics such as the existence of God, the creation and the purpose of humankind, the explanation of the origin or evil and the coming of the 5 letter savior and the list goes on.

Most of the writers did not personally know the other writers; yet they all speak on these topics with complete harmony and continuity. Yes, the books they wrote don’t contradict one another!

In spite of all the above, its a perfectly integrated message system cover to cover; there is a systematic structure that boggles your mind!

It caters to every reader, whatever your taste is, whether you like history, biography, poetry, speeches, proverbs, songs, parables, prophecies, romances, drama, tragedies, sermons, dialog and ethical teachings. Its got it all!

This marvelous feature of Scripture is a testimony to it being the Word of God – exactly what it claims to be!!!

If you ask someone how to operate a device. They’ll refer you to read the instruction manual from the creator/manufacturer. If you wanna know everything you ought to know about that device, you’ve got to read the instruction manual cover to cover; so you know the purpose of that device and the proper way to use it. If you go by hearsay, you’re not gonna have the complete operating instructions and you might even break it.

I don’t know about you. But I don’t wanna base my eternity on hearsay. I would rather read the instruction manual given by the creator cover to cover and figure it out for myself. What are you basing your eternity on? Hearsay?

There are 14 points I put together; Add the 1+4 which gives you 5. The 5 letter book that I am talking about here is the Bible and the 5 letter savior and the one and only God in flesh that it’s talking about is Jesus!

God bless you all! – Paul 🙂